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Millions have developed mental illnesses created by the trauma of the pandemic. Yet trauma related symptoms are often misunderstood. Limited access to treatment and the stigma associated with mental illness prevent those who suffer (and their families) from getting relief.

The Missing Link combines an outreach program that provides new coping skills and an immersive concert experience to acknowledge these issues to instill hope for a better future for all.


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•  66 Million Americans suffer from mental illness

•  Every 5 minutes a teenager commits suicide 

•  Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of teen death

•  It can take weeks if not months to begin treatment

•  Families are unprepared to cope

Is this you or someone you love?

Feel connected

Our evidenced-based experiential learning method  is a treatment option for mild to moderate anxiety and depression.

You won't have to feel isolated again.

How does this work?

Feel inspired! 

Experience the power of human connection through music, story and visuals.

Music will change your life


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Take charge of your mental health

It can be downright scary to admit you need help managing your mental wellness. 

That's okay. 

We are here to help you.

Using music you love, simple breathing techniques and simple movements you create you can take control over your mental wellness!


We want to help! See if the Private Beta is for you!

Using Music & Story to Inspire

Music and story is how we communicate with one another.

Our concert experience brings you and your community together with a common goal: remove the stigma of mental health.

Music will change your life!

See and hear a sample 


Imagine being at a concert that highlights your community. You will be surrounded by people you know, images of landmarks you’ve seen, and hear stories just like yours.

Most people who suffer don’t speak of their troubles.

You are not alone in this journey.

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What do providers think?


"The Missing Link provides a powerful voice for trauma survivors, especially for those who do not have words to describe what they are feeling. This is an amazing opportunity to have a front row seat into the experience of trauma and its effects on the psyche. The listener is not only invited to hear the music but to experience it firsthand. The Missing Link does such an amazing job of touching into the deep, painful, and confusing emotions of PTSD but it also plants the seed of hope, and the belief that healing is possible."


Ginger Poag, MSW, LCSW, SEP

Certified EMDR Therapist, Consultant and Trainer

Trauma Specialist



Thank you!


"I tested several of these songs and found I needed to go find something from my youthful hearing days. I was having a bad day and decided to come back to this lesson and really give it a good go. I played Abba, "Gimme, Gimme, Gimme" and "Dancing Queen." I did my best to work the breathing and movement. It did lift me up and calm me some. It took both songs to get my hands to stop shaking and my heart rate to begin to calm down. Music is great therapy. Thank you for creating this program."


User - age 67






 Thank you!


The Missing Link concert is very moving. I'm sure it allowed me to tap into feelings because of the music.  I loved how everyone is incredibly stressed, trying to cope, keeping their worries away from each other, no heroes and villains. I thought the youth romance grounded in support rather than more stereotypical presentations was striking. They become a key team that stops the most deadly force that you identify as isolation.  It's a bit shocking to me that COVID struck, did such deadly work, distressed lives in such awful ways, and yet it seems like history with the new crises that have hit since. How does anyone, let alone our teens, cope?  I felt as much anguish for the parents as I did for the kids and I think that balance is really powerful. 

Thank you for sharing.

Dr. Jennifer Fraser

Founder - Bulliedbrain.com


"I'm finally coming back to the lessons now. After I completed lesson 3, I started to remember to play music more often. This immediately helped with the boost I was looking for. I've been including exercise, supplements and good rest and for a while it felt like I was still in quick sand. Music was the boost to feel the relief all of the efforts eventually provide. Some of my previously made playlists were remembered and now I go back to them more often. I'm grateful and excited about building playlists based on how I want to feel. Thank you for becoming so intentional about this research. Very important and impressive."

-Sarah H.

Thank you!


"I love these lessons. I will keep practicing until it feels more natural."

Christy - age 54

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