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Millions have developed mental illnesses created by the trauma of the pandemic. Yet access to treatment and the ages-old stigma associated with mental illness has prevented sufferers from getting relief.

The Missing Link combines an outreach program and immersive concert experience to acknowledge these issues to instill hope for a better future for all.


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•  66 Million Americans suffer from mental illness

•  Every 5 minutes a teenager commits suicide 

•  Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of teen death

•  It can take weeks if not months to begin treatment

•  Families are unprepared to cope

Is this you or someone you love?

Feel connected

A data supported experiential learning method  teaches users how to self-manage their mental health.

You won't have to feel isolated again.

How does this work?

Experience a unique concert  

Music, story, imagery and the power of live performance combine to inspire audiences to live their best lives. 

Music has the power to change lives

See and hear a sample

How are you doing?

While some respond well to traditional treatment, not every one needs to take medication or be in therapy to manage symptoms of depression or anxiety.

Our experiential learning program focuses on music, breathing exercises and movement  to help us manage symptoms and become aware of uncontrollable symptoms before they require traditional treatment.

Simple yet powerful.

Using Music & Story to Inspire

The concert shares a common story that is relevant to all with music that illustrates the emotional effects of trauma ending with inspirational messages shared by those who have transcended their pain and built a positive future.

Music will change your thinking

See and hear a sample 


The concert consists of a symphony orchestra, an original film and a 5 member cast live on stage. Each community will be encouraged to contribute images of local landmarks which will be incorporated into the presentation. Members of the community will also be given the opportunity to perform with the orchestra making this a unique community-wide participatory experience.

*Images are temporary and will be replaced.


What do providers think?

"The Missing Link provides a powerful voice for trauma survivors, especially for those who do not have words to describe what they are feeling. This is an amazing opportunity to have a front row seat into the experience of trauma and its effects on the psyche. The listener is not only invited to hear the music but to experience it firsthand. The Missing Link does such an amazing job of touching into the deep, painful, and confusing emotions of PTSD but it also plants the seed of hope, and the belief that healing is possible."


Ginger Poag, MSW, LCSW, SEP

Certified EMDR Therapist, Consultant and Trainer

Trauma Specialist

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