Chris Boardman

Founder and CEO of CBMG Enterprises.

Creator of "The Missing Link" project

Composer, Conductor, Producer, Arranger, Orchestrator, Recording Artist, Educator, Author, and Public Speaker

Academy Award Nomination - "The Color Purple"

6 Emmy Awards

13 Emmy nominations

BMI & ASCAP Film Awards 

2x nominated for Mentor of the Year honors by The University of Miami Graduate School

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The Mission

We are at an inflection point. We live in a time of vast uncertainty which breeds fear and instability leading us to question our beliefs, our cultural norms, our behavior, and our faith in institutions. While some let fear of the unknown overwhelm them,  I view our current situation as a singularly unique opportunity:


We have the chance to create a new definition of humanity.


Well, not entirely…but certainly to greater extent than has been previously possible.


An integral part of the human experience has been to use  story to express ourselves to each another. Music has the power to activate our memories, change our moods and connect us through our shared experiences. I am determined to remind people that art, music and stories are essential components of the human experience.


The isolation created by the Pandemic is threatening not only our health, but also our economic and cultural future. The risks of doing nothing, or using an incremental approach to meet the challenges we face are greater than most realize.


The Missing Link project was created to stimulate new awareness of the tragedy of trauma/PTSD and present a new paradigm of dialogue that encourages us to connect as human beings. After all I have accomplished in my life, The Missing Link project combines every drop of experience, knowledge and skill I have acquired in my 6 decade long professional life.


The Missing Link is my passion. My commitment to its success unwavering. Please join me. It will be the ride of a lifetime.



- Chris Boardman